5 Things to Know About Breastfeeding

BreastfeedingThe truth about breastfeeding

To most of us, the joys of motherhood may not be lost, but when it comes to breastfeeding, some are confused about whether it is important enough for the health of the baby. Some young mothers have a difficult time getting their newborn babies to breastfeed and instead choose to avoid the process entirely.

Get the help you need

It may begin with confusion, especially if it is the first baby, the differing opinions conflict as the newborn expands its lungs. This is the time when many mothers decide that they may choose a baby formula instead. Rather than make the decision because of frustration, have a little patience when dealing with the crying and be willing to accept the assistance from the doctors and nurses at hand.

Is it just about cost?

With every new life that is born comes new hope, but for some mothers the financial responsibilities can put an additional strain on them. Many mothers choose to breastfeed their newborn because of the fact that it can save them the added expense of purchasing baby formula. Although this option can lighten the load, studies have shown that breast milk can contribute to both mom and baby being healthier.

Who benefits

So what exactly is the true benefit of breast milk anyway and can it be substituted by over the counter formula? Scientists can engineer many things but they are not yet capable of creating the antibodies that are available in breast milk. These antibodies are said to ward off common baby problems like ear infections and the more common baby cold. Maybe that is why babies who nurse are not always so sick.

Trying something new

There are some modern mothers who would prefer to choose baby formula because it is more convenient for their lifestyle. Maybe they are single, or maybe they have a job that does not cater for time to breast feed. Maybe they just don’t like the thought of breastfeeding at all, these are the ones who jump at the chance to try some new baby formula.

Rough beginning, great ending

The most important thing to remember when it comes to breast feeding your infant is that you need a lot of patience, especially in the early stages. It takes a few minutes for baby and mother to adjust to each other, so don’t try to hurry the process along. Bottom line, it may seem impossible to start, but once you do, the ending result will be worth it.

Baby Activity Center Review: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Gym

Baby Activity Center ReviewExcellent Baby Development Tool

The activity gym will keep your baby busy, smiling and healthy. It has music that comes from the belly of a polar bear. The bear’s nose lights up! Smiling soft animals invite your baby to play, explore and strengthen the body. There will be plenty of kicking done on that mat. There is a mirror. It is plastic and not dangerous for the baby to play. If your baby was just born, the little toys will be hard to reach. But babies grow up fast and this problem will disappear fast as well. All toys are brightly colored. The music is engaging There is plenty of room for playing: the round mat is extra-large and soft. The playing center has three curved arches. It’s convenient! It allows an easy access to the baby. Precious Planet Deluxe Musical Activity Gym by Fisher-Price is good for newborn children until they start walking and even after that. Babies can sit on the mat, play with the smiling animals and listen to music. Even two year old children are known to play with the musical center. The music cycle is up to 20 minutes. The bear’s music has a calypso beat. There are 2 volume settings.

Brain Activity Stimulating Toys

There is a monkey with a crinkly leaf, lion with felt grass, large sunshine mirror and many smaller toys that can be positioned in different places. The mirror can be attached to the arches or simply overhead. The panels have textures kids love to touch and explore.

Supports Physical Workouts

Healthy physical development of your baby is very important. The play mat is a good place for the baby to practice lifting head, reaching the suspended toys, kicking, grabbing, rolling over and crawling. Playing on the mat helps strengthen baby’s back and muscles. It is especially good for children that were born prematurely. All the parts of the system are safe.

Easy to Store and Carry Around

The gym is designed for convenient storage. It is portable. Just wrap it up, throw it in your car and take it to grandma’s house anytime your want. The approximate measurements when assembled: 38 x 20 x 38 inches. It can be easily set up anywhere without any special tools. This gym is a must have for every baby: it brings lots of fun, it stimulates physical and brain activity for children and keeps babies busy giving moms time to catch up with their duties. The play center requires 3 AA batteries (Not Included).

Haba Walker Wagon Worth It?

Haba-Walker-WagonThis is a fun and safe product for kid’s ages 10 months and 3 years old. It is good to know that a well-crafted wooden wagon can still entertain kids and they will find it curious and exciting. This walker wagon helps the little ones develop their walking skills. There is a seat where the little one can use to push their friend or a sibling.


The brakes on the Haba Walker Wagon (habausa.com)can be adjusted according to the individual need of the child and prevents them from falling.


It also includes a seat where the child has the option to push another child, which is great to for participating in play time and socializing.


The wagon is made out of sustainable forest solid wood which makes it sturdy strong enough to hold the weight of a child, because the last thing a parent wants to worry about is the child getting hurt, during their playtime.

Wheels and Rims

The wooden wheels and rubber rims provides smooth and soundless movement, which allows more of a quiet play time.

Pros of the Walker Wagon

One of the pros for the walker wagon is that it is so sturdy that it will actually help strengthen the baby’s legs and muscles. This is a great way for the baby to practice walking and standing, until they are able to do it without the assistance of the wagon. Kids will also learn how to put their toys away because of the little storage space in back of the seat.

Cons of the Walker Wagon

One of the cons of the walker wagon is that if the child has loose clothing on it can get caught on the wheels of the wagon, but if the wear fitted clothing they will be fine. The wagon is also heavy to push, but this is a great way for the child to build up strength.

The walker wagon is a great toy that helps boys and girls develop their walking skills. They will have fun pushing the wagon and they will also have fun playing with another child. The walker wagon teaches the child to take turns and how to socialize. The wagon is also a great option, if you are not that crazy about using the more traditional walkers. Your kids will love this wagon and the price is very affordable. Parents will enjoy watching their child learn how to walk.

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Best Baby Play Mats and Activity Gyms 2014

Best Baby Play Mats and Activity GymsIf you are looking for something simple to keep your baby safely entertained for a few minutes while you do some quick chores, a baby play mat might fit the bill. Baby play mats can be as simple as a padded mat or a full-on entertainment center. The best play mats are easily washable (one would hope!), easy to store, and protect baby from the hard surface of the floor. You can find them anywhere baby products are sold, from big box stores to Amazon.

The Rainbow Wonder Mat consists of thirty-six interlocking foam pieces approximately a foot square in five different colors. The high density EVA foam is non-toxic, lightweight, durable, and extra thick, providing plenty of protection for baby. The interlocking tiles mean unlimited configurations and color schemes – if you get bored of the same ol’ mat day after day, you can take it apart and put it back together in another pattern!

The Baby Play Mat: Pingko Friends is a gigantic two-sided mat that provides plenty of room for baby to explore. On one side is a grid of brightly-colored alphabet tiles, while the other side is a vista of animals at a beach. The mat rolls up for easy storage.

The Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym is made of a cotton/poly/linen combination. The quilted and padded alphabet blanket can be used alone, or you can clip on the overhead gym with thirteen loops for hanging toys for baby to grab.

The Bright Starts 5-in-1 Swingin’ Safari Baby’s Play Place is a uniquely designed mat with walls that toys can be clipped to. As baby gets older, you can let down the walls and remove the overhead gym’s cross-bars for maximum play area.

And last, but not least, Tiny Love’s Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym is chock-full of things for baby to interact with. In addition to the lights and classical music, a large mirror and multiple squeaky, rattling toys provide plenty of entertainment and motor skill building. Best of all, the padded mat is machine-washable.

There are many baby play mats out there, of course, but these five should help you get a head start on shopping for one for yourself. Whether you want extra padding for the floor or a high-rise overhead gym for maximum entertainment, there’s a play mat out there that will suit your needs and your wallet.

3 Baby Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

Having a baby can be a scary thing. There is so much to do before the baby arrives! The babies nursery needs to be painted, his crib needs to be put together, and the house needs to be baby-proofed. With all of these things going on it can be hard to remember all of the small details. Their are three baby essentials that are often over looks.

diaper wipe warmerThe first thing that many people overlook when preparing for a baby is a diaper wipe warmer. It can be extremely shocking to a baby when a cold wipe is used to clean them up. This can cause the child quite a bit of discomfort. A baby who cries a lot is more likely to swallow air, creating gas, casing the crying baby to be even more uncomfortable. This baby essential can help make diaper changes a less dramatic event.

diaper changing stationThe second thing that many people over look is a portable diaper changing station. No one wants to have to be in the nursery every time they want to change their babies diaper, and no one wants to be stuck at home all the time. This roll out mat can provide a sanitary, and comfortable, location to change a diaper anywhere. Not all locations have diaper changing stations in their bathrooms, so you need to be prepared. With this baby essential you can change your babies diaper in a car or on a bench. You will love the freedom that you get form the use of this item.

bouncer or swingThe third baby item that many people forget is a bouncer or swing. Many babies are born with a type of acid reflux that they grow out of. During the first several weeks some babies cannot sleep laying down. If a baby has this type of acid reflux they will greatly benefit from a swing or some other method of sitting up while they sleep. Even if your baby does not have an issue with reflux they will still probably love their swing or bouncer. It is comforting for a baby to sway back and forth, and though you love your baby, you cannot hold them all of the time.

Having all of the baby essentials is very important to new parents. It can be difficult to remember all of the items that are need for a baby’s first six weeks. A diaper wipe warmer, portable diaper changing station, and a swing or bouncer are essential to a babies health and happiness in the first six weeks.

Things to Consider When Buying a Car Seat

Car SeatIf you are like most parents, the safety of your child is one of the most important things in your life. Perhaps one of the best decisions you will ever make will deal with the car seat in which your child rides. One thing is for certain, the car seat will be used more often than almost any other item you purchase. Research is key to finding the perfect car seat for your family’s needs.

Infant Only or Convertible?

There are seats that are designed to be used only for the infant stage. These seats have a removable base that stays in the car while you can remove the actual seat with the baby in it. These seats are wonderful for when your baby falls asleep and you wish for them to stay that way. These seats normally have a lower weight limits than traditional convertible seats and they will only rear face. Another option is a convertible seat from the very beginning. These seats can be used for much longer because they have higher weight limits and can face rear and frontwards. One problem is if you have a smaller newborn, the baby may not fit this seat immediately.

How Long to Rear Face?

Research has shown that facing the rear of a car is best for a baby, now the recommendations have changed to say rear face as long as possible for safety reasons. As a result of these recommendations new car seats have increased the weight limits that can stay rear facing. There are some seats that will rear face until 45 pounds. There are many four year old children that do not weigh that. In some foreign country’s, the child will rear face until they no longer need to be in a car seat.

What About the Older Child?

Once your child outgrows the car seat it is important to make sure that they fit in the adult seat correctly. If they do not, then a booster seat will need to be used. These also come in a wide variety of styles. These seats will need to be used until the seat belt fits your child correctly, otherwise your child is at an increased risk of injury in an accident.

The car seat that you choose may one day save the life of your child. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, there will be a seat that you can find to fit. If the seat will not install correctly, then find another seat. An improperly installed seat will not protect your child.

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Choosing A Child’s Lifejacket

Child's LifejacketAs the weather begins to warm up and the summer months are drawing closer, it is time to think about the fun in the sun and the water. When it comes to the children, however, it is natural that they too want to explore the water. For little ones who have not yet mastered the fine art of swimming, this could be a dangerous time as well. Luckily for those who are responsible for watching these little fish splash around, there are many life jackets that are made especially for infants and small children. These jackets will help them stay safe without taking away their fun in the water.

Stohlquist Child Memo Life Jacket

This adjustable life jacket is recommended for children that weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. It has a unique wrap around system that will keep the child’s head facing up out of the water. The jacket’s collar is made to cushion the child’s head. It has many safety features such as the grab loop, floating beads, and quick release buckles.

Stearns Giraffe Puddle Jumper Jacket

This comfortable jacket fits over the child’s chest allowing for freedom of movement. It is made from the bright and colorful, polyester jacket is made for fun and comfort. This jacket is Coast Guard approved.

O’Neill Infant Nylon USCG Vest

This soft and comfortable vest is made for babies less than 30 pounds. The vest is designed with nylon and contains PVC marine foam. The collar helps to keep the baby’s head cushioned and out of the water. It comes with a grab handle and quick release buckles for removing the baby quickly and safely.

Stohlquist Infant Life Jacket

This adjustable life jacket is designed for babies under 30 pounds. It is designed to keep the baby upright in the water. The collar cushions the baby’s head while the grab handles and quick release buckles are there for extra security.

Stearns Kid Puddle Jumper Orange

This is a bright and happy jacket is for children 30 to 50 pounds. It is Coast Guard approved to be worn in a boat. The comfortable jacket allows for free movement while still providing stability and safety in the water.

It is important that children are kept safe while in and near the water. The best way to help assure their safety is to purchase a life jacket that is appropriate for their weight and swimming ability.